Engineering Office in Hamburg / Bremen / Berlin / Neumarkt


panta engineers is an independent professional engineering office headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with offices in Bremen, Berlin and Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz. We specialize in the areas of design, review and monitoring, combining a wide range of engineering services for the building and construction industry.

Heraclitus quoted in ancient Greece: “Panta Rhei”, which means: “Everything Flows”, indicating a fast-moving world. Acknowledging this truth, we strive to let the essential project parameters guide our design decisions, which provides the perfect benchmark for every task we are working on. The foundation of panta engineers is the long experience of our entire team, having successfully completed a large variety of significant national and international projects, as well as possessing multidisciplinary competence in construction materials and technologies.

Fields of Competence

  • Structural Design
  • Project Planning of Civil Engineering Structures
  • Construction Review Services
  • Forensic Engineering and Technical Expert Witness Services
  • Continuous Inspections and Examinations e.g. according to “DIN 1076”, “Ril. 804” or “VDI-regulation 6200”

We provide services throughout many project phases, including engineering assistance during conceptual design, architectural competitions and tendering procedures. We consult during design development, and provide complete construction and permitting documents, as well as oversee the construction phase of the project and complete engineering inspections. In addition, we offer a wide range of code checking and peer review, forensic engineering and technical expert witness services.

Our managing consulting engineers hold qualifications as internationally acknowledged welding engineer and state certified review engineer for building construction. Moreover, there are particularly extensive recognitions as state certified review engineer for railway construction. We are registered as state certified engineer for the Federal Water and Navigation Administration of Germany and the Lower Saxony Ministry for Road Construction and Transport. Furthermore, we offer a variety of technical monitoring services throughout the project’s lifespan.

Areas of Activity

Structural Engineering
  • Residential Construction
  • Office Construction
  • Hotel Construction
  • Learning Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Module Construction
  • Event Locations
  • Shopping Centres
  • Public Health
  • Free Form Structures
  • Membrane Structures
  • Rope Construction
Civil Engineering
  • Bridge Construction
  • Railway Construction
  • Building Pits
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Water Engineering and Harbour Construction
  • Mobile Constructions
  • Locks and Barrages
  • Wind Energy Plants
Applied Research
and Development
  • Digital Engineering
  • BIM
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Carbon Concrete
  • Fiber Composite Structures (CFRP/GFRP)
  • Nonlinear Material Behavior
  • Fatigue Mechanics
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Seismic Design
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Weigh-in-Motion Systems for Roads


Our effective, experienced and exceptionally qualified team, is comprised of approximately 50 experts who perfectly complement each other with their specialized technical excellence. Our cosmopolitan team is united by the joy of working on everyday and unusual tasks in the construction industry. We see ourselves as interdisciplinary generalists, combining our extensive knowledge of material science and building systems. Building owners and architects benefit from our comprehensive project consulting.

Founder and Managing Partners

Dr.-Ing. IWE Christian Böttcher

  • Graduation as structural/civil engineer in 1996, Brunswick Technical University, Germany (Duddeck Foundation Award 1997)
  • Doctorate at the Institute for Steel Structures in 2002, Brunswick Technical University, Germany (Heinrich-Büssing Award 2003)
  • Consulting Engineer
  • International Welding Engineer (SFI, IWE, EWE)
  • State Certified Review Engineer for Constructions (steel structures and concrete structures)
  • State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Geotechnical Constructions (earthwork and foundation engineering as well as tunnels)
  • State Certified Review Engineer at the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Office
  • State Certified Review Engineer at the Lower Saxony Authority for Roads and Bridges
  • State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Engineering Constructions (steel, concrete, composite and welded structures)

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Frenz

  • Graduation as structural/civil engineer in 2000, Brunswick Technical University, Germany
  • Doctorate at the Institute for Steel Structures in 2009, Brunswick Technical University, Germany
  • Consulting Engineer
  • VFIB-certified Building Inspector
  • Listed as State Certified Review Engineer at the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Office
  • Listed as State Certified Review Engineer at the Lower Saxony Authority for Roads and Bridges

Mission Statement

We are experts with multidisciplinary competence in construction materials and technologies, applying state-of-the-art engineering methods and developing innovative solutions to meet the technical challenges of our time.

Based on our common mission statement, we find the optimal solution for every customer requirement – economically, sustainably and innovatively.

These values guide us in our daily work and characterise our distinctive panta:id.


We are a role model!

We are committed to the good of society and combine economic success with sustainability.
For us, thinking and acting in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious way is a matter of course in all our tasks – the same applies to respectful, fair and reliable collaboration.


We focus on the heart of the matter!

We know what is important and have the specialist knowledge to find the optimal solution for every construction project.
To this end, we continuously develop our skills and motivate ourselves in a spirit of partnership to achieve top performance.


We say yes to progress!

We are open to new challenges and are focussed on driving forward key innovations.
We see changes as opportunities and use our know-how to actively shape our future.


panta engineers has a presence at four locations across Germany.

Our headquarters are located in the “Kontorhaus Quarter” in Hamburg, Germany, a UNESCO world heritage site. This rich architectural heritage offers inspiration and a unique working environment, while centrally located.
The extraordinary architectural significance of the “Kontorhaus Quarter” is reflected in the approval of Hamburg´s application by the UNCESCO world heritage committee for the “Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus” in 2015.