Continuous Inspections and Examinations e.g. according to “DIN 1076”, “Ril. 804” or “VDI-regulation 6200”

Sustainability Monitoring

panta engineers provides comprehensive services that go beyond successful project delivery regarding the aspects of budget and schedule. We offer performance monitoring, tailored to individual requirements and throughout the project’s life span.

For private and public clients, we provide qualified, reoccurring inspections and examinations of building structures in compliance with “VDI-regulation 6200”, and for railway and civil engineering structures in compliance with “DIN 1076”, or “Ril. 804”. The existing structures are hereby assessed, based on their particular type and use, at pre-defined control intervals.

Should damage be detected, we prepare a project specific damage-analysis-report and develop solutions for structural analysis and restoration planning.

Results of our monitoring services influence our competence areas of design and review, because we are able to identify potential weak points in building systems throughout the life cycle of a structure or component. We are, therefore, best equipped to provide design and repair solutions that lead to optimized life-cycle management and sustainable building solutions.

Range of Services

  • Inspection for Building Structures as per “VDI-regulation 6200”
  • Inspection for Civil Engineering Structures as per “DIN 1076” and “Ril. 804”
  • Acquisition of Building Data with the “SIB-Bauwerke” software
  • Project Specific Damage-analysis-report
  • Consulting for Experimental Assessment of Structural Safety
  • Consulting for Planning and Operation of Weigh-in-Motion Systems for Roads
  • Consulting for Planning and Operation of Structural-Health-Monitoring Systems


  • Certified Bridge Inspection Engineer as per “DIN 1076”
  • Consulting Engineers (Hamburg Chamber of Engineers)
  • International Welding Engineer (SFI, IWE, EWE)
  • State Certified Review Engineer for Constructions (steel structures and concrete structures)
  • State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Engineering Constructions (steel, concrete, composite and welded structures)
  • Listed as State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Geotechnical Constructions (earthwork and foundation engineering as well as tunnels)
  • Listed as State Certified Review Engineer at the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Office (steel structures and concrete structures)
  • Listed as State Certified Review Engineer at the Lower Saxony Authority for Roads and Bridges (steel structures, concrete structures and composite structures)