Structural Design / Project Planning of Civil Engineering Structures

Innovative Design

In every planning process panta engineers will utilize its comprehensive expertise in material science and building systems experience, based on the fundamental understanding of geotechnical parameters, steel, concrete, timber, masonry and composite construction. panta engineers maintains and develops its experience with new innovative materials and cutting edge technology, i.e. CFRP and GFRP. Experience obtained from our state certified review work for construction, forensic consulting and project monitoring services is continually implemented in all aspects of our qualified and comprehensive consulting services.

We regard the design process as team-work. In close collaboration with our clients, architects and expert planners we strive to think beyond our own horizon. Our goal is to find the ideal and most economical solution for the entire construction project.

panta engineers has fully implemented modern planning technology, i.e. BIM, and we develop our own software solutions for specialized design projects. While we are experienced in advanced and specialized areas of structural dynamics, i.e. vibration and seismic engineering, we still understand that the best structural solutions are often found utilizing paper and pencil.

Range of Services

  • Structural Design for Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Industrial Construction
  • Project Planning of Civil Engineering Structures
  • Building Physics
  • Fire Protection for Constructions
  • Noise Protection for Constructions
  • Engineering Assistance during Architectural Competitions
  • Value-Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Parametric Design
  • Special Structures


  • Consulting Engineers (Hamburg Chamber of Engineers)
  • Authorized engineers to present building documents (Hamburg Chamber of Engineers)
  • State Certified Review Engineer for Constructions (steel structures and concrete structures)
  • State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Engineering Constructions (steel, concrete, composite and welded structures)
  • Listed as State Certified Reviewing Expert in the Federal Railway Sector for Geotechnical Constructions (earthwork and foundation engineering as well as tunnels)
  • Authorized to present building documents without review from the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Listed as energy efficiency expert of the “BMWi”, the “BAFA” and the “KfW”
  • International Welding Engineer (SFI, IWE, EWE)